A Word on COVID-19 from Kinder

COVID-19 has spread through the world swiftly and with profound impact on modern life. Kinder has long been committed to revolutionizing primary care for children to be 100% home based. In these uncertain times with increased difficulty in accessing care, we are proud to continue serving our community with our full clinic-level membership as well as a new urgent care alternative to help combat this public health crisis. 

We are a one-stop solution. Our comprehensive system allows for personalized, real time diagnosis for many illnesses, including COVID-19. We provide a complete evaluation that determines whether a test is needed, and provide that test directly to your home. Our services eliminates the need for long waits for appointments and sitting for hours in the emergency room. It also decreases transmission by eliminating shared waiting spaces. 

We don't just triage, we diagnose and treat

Back to School with Mask


Using the tools in the Kinder Kit, our pediatricians can obtain vital signs from your home, monitor symptoms and prescribe treatment in real time.


We will triage symptoms and exposure risks in the context of a child's medical history, working with the family to find a solution that works for them.


If a COVID-19 test is deemed necessary by our pediatricians, we can mail an at-home test directly to you. The cost of the test will be paid by insurance.

School Clearance

Depending on the diagnosis, our pediatrician can also offer notes to schools if no test is needed and health plans personalized for your family.

For pricing and additional information on our at home COVID test, please visit our FAQ page.

COVID-19 Explained Video Series