Frequently asked questions


Where is Kinder located?

Wherever you are! We believe healthcare has to be on the move, as you and your kids are. Kinder has developed a revolutionary system that allows you to quickly connect with your pediatrician anytime and from anywhere. And this doesn’t just stop at trading messages – we allow you and your doctor to decide, in real time, whether you need to connect via video, phone, or with any of our remote exam devices. Really! We re-imagined the pediatrician’s office while asking ourselves: what is the best way to do each part of our work, such that it is safe and convenient for the families? We then re-designed the approach to each situation – ear infection, belly ache, annual well child exam, fever in the middle of the night – such that you can have the pediatrician visit from home. Connect with us on the playground, on a trip, on the top of a mountain – we will come to you.

Would I ever have to take my child anywhere?

Only if he or she needs extra imaging, lab tests, or you need to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. These are not frequently needed in pediatrics, and when they are, Kinder will order the necessary procedures to a facility most convenient for you. For children younger than 12 months, depending on regulations of your state, you might need to take your child to an in-person practice to get vaccines. Older children are able to get their vaccines at a local pharmacy.

Do you take insurance?

Kinder does not take insurance reimbursements ourselves, which gives us the freedom to design the best clinical experience for each patient. Our own services are covered by the monthly flat fee.
However, our electronic medical record does generate an insurance super-bill, which may be partially reimbursed by some insurance companies, depending on your plan. We still recommend that the Kinder Kid has a health insurance plan that covers emergency in-hospital services if needed, and any extra workup that might be necessary (rare in pediatrics).

Will we get the same pediatrician each time?

Your personal Kinder pediatrician will be available to you 24/7 via texts/messages (response within a few hours), and you can arrange to have scheduled calls or video conferences any time. Whether it's an annual check-up or an emergency issue, you will always get your child's doctor, who knows your family and your child's medical history.

How often can we contact our pediatrician?

As much as you want! Feel free to reach out anytime from questions when your child is healthy to exams when your child is sick. Our membership includes unlimited text, email and schedule video calls with our responsive doctors 24/7. He or she will respond within 8 hours, but usually within 1-2 hours. If you need to get in touch more emergently for remote exams, each member also gets 2 immediate phone or video calls to their doctor per month, any time of day or night. After the first 2 calls, each additional call direct will incur a $25 additional fee. If you and your doctor agree via message to have a call, or the pediatrician calls you, those calls don't count as part of the 2 monthly calls are are unlimited/free of charge.

How is Kinder different from urgent care telemedicine services?

Kinder has the capability of being a full-service primary care office, for well visits and sick visits. Unlike urgent-care-only services, you receive: - Your own pediatrician, who will always be your provider. This gives you the chance to get to know each other and develop a personalized care model for your family. - Tools that allow your pediatrician to do a real exam and at-home testing, so that medical treatments can be prescribed if needed. The scope of care is more similar to an office practice, whereas the urgent-care-telemedicine scope is very limited given the lack of exams and tests. - Ability to talk about wellness topics, growth/development concerns, mental health issues, etc. - Comprehensive all-inclusive care from one pediatrician, instead of fee-for-service care only when your child is sick.

Is Kinder easy to cancel?

Definitely. We aim to deliver the highest level of service and would always work with your feedback to find a solution. But if you decide Kinder is not the right choice for your family, feel free to cancel anytime.

What services does Kinder offer?

Kinder can do everything a pediatric office does. In addition, we offer urgent care, chronic illness management, mental health services and much more. For babies under 1 year, we recommend you also use a local pediatrician to administer vaccines. After 1 year and depending on your state’s rules, we are able to order vaccines to your nearby pharmacy or minute clinic to be administered there. We are currently working on a mobile vaccine service that will be able to do all vaccinations at home in the future!
Even though we can do everything your pediatrician does (well child checks, school forms, weight checks, sick visits, etc.), we are also happy to work with your existing in-person pediatrician if you would prefer a hybrid model. Every family is different, and our goal is to design a program with you that best fits your family.

What illnesses can Kinder pediatricians treat?

Everything an outpatient pediatrician’s office or an urgent care can treat! Some common exams we offer include: fever, viral syndromes, allergies, strep throat, urine infections, ear infections, pneumonia, rashes, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
In addition, we also treat symptoms related to lifestyle/dietary issues, mental health problems, ADHD concerns, etc.

How much time does a Kinder pediatrician devote to each patient?

As much as your family needs! Part of the Kinder promise to better quality care is an extremely small panel of patients. We don’t want the volume of patients to ever compromise how much time each patient has with his/her doctor. This is why our pediatricians have a siginificantly lower patient load that is 3 times less than the average pediatrician.

Can Kinder pediatricians treat mental illnesses?

Kinder’s doctors are board certified pediatricians, which means they are qualified to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. Though the prescription of medications for psychiatric illness is in the scope of a psychiatrist's practice, we are happy to work with your therapist and psychiatrists, especially for chronic mental illnesses that require long term medication.
We believe in a bigger role for pediatrician in mental health treatment. Kinder pediatricians offer support to the family, coaching for parents, guidence for potential lifestyle changes, supplemental therapy as needed and work towards mental health optimization in a holistic and wellness-based way.

Does Kinder offer lifestyle and diet guidance?

Yes! We believe food is medicine, and achieving wellness (rather than simply treating illness) is the way towards health. Our pediatricians practice evidence-based lifestyle medicine, uniting the science of Pediatric practice with functional and realistic advice. Our first consults with new members usually involve an in-depth diet history in addition to detailed medical history, followed by curated lifestyle and diet guidance that is specific to your family, the age of the patient, and the overall health goals.

Does Kinder have an age limit?

As much as we’d like to care for all those who are children at heart, we do have an age limit of 21 years old since our doctors are board certified in pediatrics.


What if we have multiple kids in the family?

We offer discounted family packages for multiple kids. We will curate a Kinder remote clinic kit just for your family, and each additional patient is added at a reduced rate of $50 per month. Check out our membership sign-up for more information. Please contact us with your specific inquiry.

What about lab tests and shots?

Labwork and imaging are not routinely needed in general pediatric care. Our at-home Kinder kit includes a few common diagnostic tests (for urine infection, strep throat, etc.) that you can do at home. If additional laboratory tests or imaging are required, your Kinder pediatrician will order them electronically to a location in your neighborhood. You can then go drop off a sample, and the result will get to your doctor automatically. For routine and travel vaccines, your pediatrician will order them to your nearest pharmacy, where they can be administered.

Where is Kinder available?

Kinder is available in both California and Massachusetts permanently, with plans to expand nationally.
In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and in accordance with federal regulations, Kinder is currently accessible in all 50 states through the Urgent Care membership. If you live in a state without permanent Kinder presence currently and are interested in the full-service membership, we are happy to care for you under the current federal regulation status, and will work with you to set up Kinder in your state if this designation ends.

Are there any co-pay or hidden fees?

There are no extra charges or hidden fees with Kinder. Once you pay your membership fee, that's it!

Does the full-service monthly fee include urgent care?

The monthly fee includes the full scope of Kinder’s services, which does include many urgent care diagnoses and treatments. These include ear infections, pneumonia, rashes, allergies, abdominal pain, urine infections, viral syndromes, asthma attacks and much more.

I already have a pediatrician. Should I get the monthly membership still?

We certainly think so! We believe Kinder offers a more personalized, holistic, and accessible experience for pediatric healthcare, and it can either stand alone or be complementary to your existing local pediatrician. We are happy to be your health coach, cheerleader, travel pediatrician, or urgent care resource, if you’d prefer to continue going to your current pediatrician for other in person care.

How do I sign up?

Both our monthly and annual membership are available here for families with 4 kids or less. For 5 kids or more, please contact us for a discounted family package tailored for you.

Prenatal Membership

What is the prenatal membership?

The prenatal membership is a chance to prepare for your new child before his/her arrival with your Kinder pediatrician.
Instead of a one-time appointment to meet the pediatrician offered by most pediatric practices, our membership is unlimited and goes far beyond just meeting each other. Most of the preparations before a baby arrives tend to stop at the point of birth, which is only the beginning! Through the prenatal membership curriculum, we prepare parents for what to expect at birth, shortly after, in the nursery, and the first few weeks at home. We discuss feeding, sleeping, safety, illnesses, emergencies, red flags, and anything else you might want to know about. Our pediatricians take the time to help families envision and prepare for parenthood, contemplate key choices, and feel confident about taking care of their brand new bundle of joy!

Is there a discount for the prenatal members?

Prenatal members who choose to continue onto a full service Kinder membership for their child after the birth will have their entire prenatal membership fee applied towards their Kinder membership.

Why is prenatal pediatric care recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

A pediatrician is a key member of the team for families with children, and the optimal relationship starts before the child is born. Prenatal care by the OBGYN team ensures the health and safety of mom and baby while in the womb, and it is also a key time for pediatricians to help parents mentally and physically prepare for what is to come. Unfortunately in the mainstream medical system, prenatal care by pediatricians is not a regular or in-depth part of the process, leading many new parents to be overwhelmed and under prepared when the baby finally arrives. We believe a personalized and comprehensive prenatal curriculum with your pediatrician - as a team member - makes a significant difference in the experience of having a child, especially for new parents! Furthermore, it’s a chance for parents to be sure that a particular pediatrician is the right fit for their family, and to establish a working communication flow they can lean on during the first few crucial months.


How much does the COVID-19 test cost?

While the test cost is not included in any of the Kinder memberships, the majority of the testing costs will be billed to your insurance directly. There is a $90 fee charged by the testing comapny for the sample collection process which may be eligible for reimbursement by your FSA or HSA.

Is the test covered by insurance?

The cost of the testing itself will be billed directly to your insurance. However, there is a $90 fee for each test that insurance will not cover. This fee should be eligible for FSA or HSA reimbursement.

What is the timeline for the at-home test?

Once our pediatrician perscribes the test, it takes approximately 1-3 days for the test to arrive at your home. The test must be mailed out on the day the sample is collected (return label will be included), and you should receive your results in within 72 hours.

Does Kinder offer COVID-19 testing?

Yes, we can be an option for COVID-19 testing without leaving the house. After your pediatrician determines the need for a test, a kit will be mailed to you at home. Simply mail back the kit to the test company and your pediatrician will be in touch with the result.

What kind of test is Kinder offering?

We offer the RT-qPCR test in collaboration with Phosphorus. It detects active viruses in the saliva sample.

Can anyone request a test?

Only Kinder full service and urgent care members can request a test.

Can Kinder help if my child needs clearance to go back to school?

Absolutely! Your pediatrician will be able to do an evaluation of your child's symptoms and either write a clearance note to school or offer a COVID-19 test if needed. We work with each family according to their school's specific requirements, and will support you in gaining clearance for return to school or activities.