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What is
the flu?


The flu is not one virus, but a collection of them that mutate frequently. Each year the flu shot reflects scientists' best prediction of this year's strains with different levels of accuracy. It is the best protection we have against the flu, but is definitely not 100%. If you get the flu shot but still get the virus, the course is less likely to involve dangerous complications. 

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The benefits of kinder for managing a sick child

We designed Kinder with the goal of improving many aspects of pediatric care: newborns, mental health, parental support, wellness and lifestyle based counseling, family-based care, etc (We know, we're excited too!). 


One strong advantage of our Kinder system also makes timely and safe care more accessible during times of these viral epidemics: 

  • You can access your own personal pediatrician from home without having to go to healthcare spaces that might lead to exposure to new viruses

  • From home, the Kinder Kit tools lets you and your doctor do real physical exams and vital signs monitoring (listen to the lungs, measure blood oxygen level, etc.)

  • Without waiting rooms or going to the ED, you can connect with your pediatrician much sooner and stay connected throughout the illness for advice.

*Information on this page is intended for education purposes only and cannot be taken as medical advice without an established doctor-patient relationships. Never delay or ignore medical advice from your own doctor due to information from Kinder. Call 911 right away if you are experiencing a medical emergency. ⁣

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