Pediatric care should be easy and pesonal.

We leverage the best of digital health technology to bring the pediatrician to you. Whether it's routine check-up or emergency treatment, our pediatricians are accessible anytime, anywhere. Let us go the distance with your family, from pregnancy to college. 

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Our office is wherever you are

Our portable tool kit allows us to diagnose and treat remotely any problems that normally would require a trip to the doctor's. Take us on your adventures, or reach us from your couch. 

Be friends

with your



The best care comes from a pediatrician that knows your family. Chat, message, talk to your pediatrician like a family friend - that's how we see our role. 

You know what's best for your child

It's all about you. With our tools, videos, and education-based curriculum, we are here to empower you, because you know your child best.

We want

to go the distance


Whether you move to the next town or decide to implement a lifestyle change, we are there with you. A pediatrician is a long term relationship.

Pediatricians who practice holistic, wellness based care

Our pediatricians believe kids thrive best when physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are in alignment. We are on a discovery journey with you to curate the best plan for your children. Yes, we can treat illness. But we also believe in creating wellness. 

"Being able to ask questions, even get examinations on the go from where ever you are with just your computer and their tools is priceless for a tired mom with a sick kid. I think any modern mom and dad would love this."

- SB, mother of 15 month old boy
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We can be your primary care pediatrician