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5 things to consider about when traveling with a baby

One of Kinder’s core missions is to make pediatric care more accessible for mobile, on-the-move families in our modern world.

Not only can you take your Kinder pediatrician with you anywhere you go, but we also want to help you prepare for a safe journey before getting on the plane (or boat or helicopter or car or spaceship ...).

So what do we need to think about before booking a trip with our baby?

1. Has the baby had the first set of vaccines?

The first set of vaccines usually happen at 2 months but can start as early as 6 weeks from birth. They protect from dangerous bacterial infections that newborns are especially vulnerable to. It’s a good idea to wait until this first set is done before getting into crowded travel spaces. Due to this, 6 weeks is our earliest recommended age for travel.

2. What if my baby gets sick on the road?

It’s important to discuss some contingent plans with your pediatrician before the trip to think about how you might get in touch. If you are a Kinder member, talk to your own pediatrician about which tools from your kit you might want to take with you so your baby can be assessed anytime and from anywhere. Your Kinder pediatrician can also look with you at hospitals and resources at your destination, if you’d like a more detailed contingency plan.

3. Do we need extra vaccines?

If traveling internationally, sometimes extra vaccines are recommended. The CDC travel website ( has recommendations by location. Have a discussion with your Kinder pediatrician about which specific areas you’re going, what activities/meals are planned, and a curated plan for vaccines or medications can be developed before you go.

4. What about measles?

The measles outbreak internationally has been on our mind. Kids are routinely vaccinated for this at age 1 and 4. If your child is older than 6 months but not yet 1 year old, he/she is eligible for an earlier dose of the vaccine for protection if you are traveling to an area with measles outbreak. We haven’t seen this illness in the west for many decades, but it remains a serious condition with high complication rates, so it’s definitely worth a discussion with your pediatrician to see if earlier vaccination is a good idea.

5. What other things should I think about?

If baby is feeding on formula, will I have access to clean water to mix formula? Did I take a supply of fever and pain control medications? For prescription medications, is there enough supply and do you need a refill? If there are allergies involved, especially anaphylactic reactions, do I have a supply of Benadryl and EpiPen?

We are committed to helping you and your little ones have amazing adventurous wherever you choose. So as you pack the sunscreen, ski goggles, and mentally calculate whether you’ll bring the stroller, have a chat with your pediatrician about the trip, oh and please send us some photos!

Much love,

Dr. Amy and the Kinder team

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