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Welcome to the Future of Pediatrics

Hello, welcome to Kinder!

Kinder is the first virtual pediatric clinic and community that will open our virtual doors on the first day of 2020. As we put the final touches together, we can't help but want to tell you about our excitement and hope to continue sharing the journey with you through this blog.

Kinder wants to transform how kids and families are cared for by their pediatrician. The "how" is not just about technology - though that is the most innovative part - but more about how this relationship is best created and maintained through time and space. In fact, a lot of the "how" will be about using technology to bring us back to the lost art of healing and connection from long ago. In this space, I hope families can rediscover the personalized partnership for the health and wellness of children.

On this blog, I would like to discuss the pediatric topics and questions that are on our mind as well as yours. In this, just as in the future of the Kinder community, I would like us to be partners in re-imagining the future of pediatrics.

For now, head to the home page to sign up for more information. Have a question for Dr. Amy? Head to her IG @dramypeds on Mondays to submit a question, or check out her Youtube Videos on Ask Dr. Amy.

Go Kinder Kid!

Dr. Amy

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