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  Prenatal Membership  

Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all expectant parents to visit a pediatrician during pregnancy? 

Our prenatal package is perfect for first time parents, home births, or any expectant parent who is curious about trying out Kinder. 


Want to continue using Kinder after the birth? Your prenatal membership will be applied in full to your first month's payment. 

Our Prenatal Membership is now available as a gift! 

Personalized birth plan that fits your family

1 hour introduction with your Kinder pediatrician
Unlimited email messages
Monthly 30-minute video chat
Unlimited additional scheduled video chats
Personalized sessions for your questions
Membership valid until birth, up to 1 year


Birth plan

What to expect in the first hour after birth

First 3 days in the nursery

First 3 weeks at home

Feeding plan, breastfeeding help

Crib, carseat, monitor, clothing, etc.

Safe sleep!

What are the danger signs?

Do I need pulse ox monitoring? 

How do I know the baby is eating enough?

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