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Your Kinder Clinic Kit

At Kinder, we provide all the tools needed for diagnosis so that exams can be conducted from the comfort of your home. Each kit contains a personalized selection of tools by your pediatrician based on a child's age and medical needs. Your kit may or may not contain all of the tools listed.

These tools should only be used when directed by your pediatrician. 

Eko DUO stethoscope

Transmit sounds captured by the stethoscope to your pediatrician

Eko DUO.jpg

Depstech Otoscope

Bluetooth camera for
ear infections evaluations



testing swabs

For various diagnostic tests. Do not open unless instructed.


Zacvrate Pulse Oximeter

Measures blood oxygen level and effectiveness of lungs

Pulse Ox.jpg

Strep a

test kit

At home and lab diagnostics kit. Do not open unless instructed.

Strep Test Kit.jpg


Testing CUPs

For lab testing. Do not open unless instructed.

Urine Cups.jpg

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Measures blood pressure and heart rate




At home and lab diagnostics kit. Do not open unless instructed.

Urine Strips.jpg
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